Attention GSRs: Area 48 Delegate Needs Your Input

Since Delegate’s Day of Sharing was cancelled last weekend, our Area 48 Delegate Tad J. needs your group conscience to bring a better informed Area conscience before the 70th General Service Conference (the first “virtual” conference in AA history!).

Tad invites all GSRs (or an alternate/group contact, one representative per group only) to a scheduled Zoom meeting on Saturday, April 11 from 10-1. Contact your DCM for the meeting ID and password (District 7 DCM Shane, District 15 DCM Glen, District 16 DCM Allen). Attendance is limited to 100 participants so log in early. The polling option is enabled so you will be able to “vote” on the questions and Tad can get the results without having to count little hands on the screen. The discussion and questions will be based on the Delegate’s Questionnaire; if you are unable to attend this online meeting, complete the questionnaire and forward Tad this week.

The full General Service Conference Agenda is available here: