The Answering Service: It Works, It Really Does

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

I wanted to share with you all something I experienced last night that gave me joy and hope, and appreciation of all we do. In particular, District 16 trusted servants and GSR’S who make this all possible.

I was at the Friday night Home Free Group Zoom meeting, and we had a AA member with quite a few years from Cooperstown, who shared. He said he was in Olivebridge visiting his girlfriend, and wanted to attend an Online meeting. He had not done this before, so this was his first one. To find it, he called our Hotline, as staffed by Family of Woodstock, and they not only gave him the link info, but explained how it worked and what to do to get to the meeting. He joined us and expressed his gratitude for the online meeting.
He could have been a newcomer, and this was direct proof that what we are doing works, and can get newcomers, or anyone, desiring to attend an AA meeting directed to the right place.
Thank you to our Answering Service chair, Ryan O. for his work with the Answering Service commitment, and to Family of Woodstock for providing a place where people can go to get the help that need, especially these days. And to all you who do service for AA, as we know, it works if you work it…Thank you for giving your time and experience to carrying the message to the still sick and suffering Alcoholic.
 I’m so proud to be part of this fellowship!!! Allen V, DCM District 16
Read this overview about how this Service Work works. To volunteer to be on the list of Hotline Team of AA members who field the calls redirected from Family of Woodstock, contact Ryan O. or Mike C.