From the Delegate 3/24/2020

From our Area 48 Delegate:

As the reality of our current situation surrounding the restrictions and safeguards to protect ourselves and others from the Covid-19 virus and how it impacts Alcoholics Anonymous begins to set in, we need to look to new ways to continue to carry the message. As the safety and health of our members is of the utmost importance, many meetings have already closed temporarily and have been replaced by virtual meetings, be it through video conferencing or teleconferencing. In New York State, our Governor has enacted an Executive Order known as “New York State on Pause”. The overview can be found here:

As a part of that, please see the official full list of essential services here: state-pause-executive-order
While gatherings in person are not currently permitted under this directive, we have a number of other means to stay connected. The  Area 48 website ( ) has a list of registered groups that have gone to a virtual format. Please note that we are not endorsing any particular platform, those have been chosen by each individual group. Your trusted servants are working hard to keep this list up to date in real-time. I strongly encourage District records keepers to continue to add information to our database to help share the burden.  If your group/meeting makes changes, please keep the appropriate people informed so there is an answer for those seeking a meeting. There are also many online meetings happening all over that are not listed since they are not part of our database. Another good resource for online meetings is
We are blessed with many tools to help us through these difficult times – call your sponsor, call friends in the program, read some literature, pray, meditate, learn the new technology if you can. There are many ways we can continue to have the hand of AA reach out to help the next sick and suffering alcoholic, to help ourselves stay sober one day at a time, and protect the safety of our members.  If someone reaches out, we want the hand of AA to always be there and continue to be. Communication is key!
Together we can!
Yours in fellowship and service,
Tad J., Area 48 Panel 70 Delegate                 hmbdelegate@aahmbny.,org