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Proposals for Upcoming Assembly

October 2018

Proposals Submitted for the October 2018 voting assembly

Budget Proposal
(Received July 28, 2018, posted July 28, 2018)

Below is the DRAFT budget to be voted on at the October 2018 voting assembly.

HMB 2019 Draft Budget 6-28

Proposal #1
(Received June 19, 2018, posted June 20, 2019)

Background: The current HMB Service Manual tells us that Area events such as Assemblies, Fellowship Days, Day of Sharing, Joy of Service Day, etc., shall be on the weekends, sometimes the second of third weekend of a month, but leaves open the choice of Saturday or Sunday.

In the past, (October, 1981), our Handbook did specify that some Assemblies be held on Saturdays. In practice, our Area has been meeting exclusively on Saturdays for some time now. While recognizing that it is easier to find venues for events on Saturday, and while noting that many people may have obligations on Sundays, we should also take into account that some of our members may be prevented from attending Saturday events because of work requirements, religious practices, or other regular commitments. In an effort to invite and include all AA members in HMB Service, we should endeavor to hold some HMB Area events on Sundays.

Proposal: The HMB Functions Committee should make a serious and sustained effort to hold two or three of the regular HMB Area events, (Orientation Day, Fellowship Days, Inventory Day, Day of Sharing, Assemblies), especially one of the Voting Assemblies, on Sundays.

On behalf of District 16 and its members, respectfully submitted In Fellowship and In Service,

Tara C., District 16 DCM

Proposal #2
(Received by email June 17, 2018, posted June 21, 2018)

Background: Currently, Area events are held throughout the 5 clusters. As outlined in the HMB Service Manual, the HMB Convention and the Joy of Service Day are the only events that rotate between the 5 clusters.

The other 7 events are held in the same cluster each year although there does not seem to be any guidelines as to which clusters host which events. The only current specification in the Service Manual states that the Assemblies are to be held in a geographically central location selected by the Area Functions Committee. Traditionally, these 7 events have been held in the following clusters:

January (Orientation Day, formally Inventory Day) – Eastern Cluster

March (Fellowship or Delegate’s Day) – Hudson Valley Cluster

April (Delegate’s or Fellowship Day)* – Adirondack Cluster

May (Assembly) – Central Cluster

September (Fellowship Day odd years and Election Assembly even years) – Eastern Cluster

October (Assembly) – Central Cluster

November (Inventory Day formally Fellowship Day)* – Western Cluster

*In years when the Western Cluster hosts the Convention, the April & November events are swapped with the Adirondack Cluster.

Although this traditional schedule provides some continuity to the events it also limits the variety within each host cluster. It also gives the Eastern and Central Clusters 2 set events per year while the Adirondack, Hudson Valley and Western Clusters only have one set event per year.


Have all Area Events on a rotating schedule between all of the clusters as follows:

Years ending in 0 & 5 1 & 6 2 & 7 3 & 8 4 & 9
January Western Eastern Central ADK MV
March MV Western Eastern Central ADK
April ADK MV Western Eastern Central
May Central ADK MV Western Eastern
June Eastern Central ADK MV Western
September Western Eastern Central ADK MV
October MV Western Eastern Central ADK
November ADK MV Western Eastern Central
HMB Convention Central ADK MV Western Eastern

This schedule would provide an opportunity for more members not currently involved in Area Service work to experience different types of events closer to their own home. For example: A member in Plattsburgh may not see the importance of traveling to Fonda (3 hours) for an Assembly if they have never attended an Assembly. If the Assembly was held in Lake George once every 5 years that member may be more likely to travel 1.5 hours to attend. Once a member attends a specific function within their cluster they may be more willing to travel a bit further for the same event next year.

This schedule would also allow for different clusters to host different events and not be locked into the same event each year. For example: The Central Cluster traditionally only hosts Assemblies. It’s all about business. A rotating schedule would allow the Central Cluster to experience more “fun” and “fellowship” events. This schedule would also even out the hosting by clusters so that in different years different clusters would host 1 or 2 events.

Rotation within each cluster as to which district is the host district for an event will remain the responsibility of the cluster. In addition, each district and/or cluster reserves the right to pass on hosting any event. In such a case the host cluster would then be chosen by the Functions Chair with the assistance of the Functions Committee.

Respectfully submitted in love & service,

Tammie E., HMB Area Alternate Chair

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