Proposals for Spring 2019 Assembly

May 2019

Proposals Submitted for the May 2019 voting assembly

Proposals for May 11, 2019 are due to the Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster by March 11, 2019.

Proposal to Prototype Accepting Online Contributions for HMB Area 48


The finance committee has looked at the possibility of accepting online contributions for HMB Area 48. Key details are as follows:

  • The General Service Office (GSO) as well as many other AA service areas have already implemented the acceptance of online contributions. This provides a framework in which the Area can model.
  • In 2018, the HMB Area 48 approved the usage of JotForm for usage of the accepting online registration for the NYSIW and the HMB Area 48 Convention. JotForm can be used as the front end for creating this capability. JotForm is software that allows for online forms to be created and used.
  • The ability to take online contributions would provide an additional method for HMB Area 48 to receive contributions from our groups and individual members.

While the finance committee has done the initial investigation, the finance committee is seeking approval from the Area to proceed with creating a prototype for accepting online contributions.

The prototype would include:

  • Webpage prototype;
  • JotForm form(s) for accepting contributions;
  • Procedure for moving transactions to Quicken
  • Adhere to the following guidelines
      • Would require acknowledgement that the person sending contributions online is an AA member
      • Would take group contribution – no dollar limit
      • Would take individual contributions with a limit of $3000 annually needs to be tracked and adhered to
      • That an acknowledgement letter be sent to the persons email address
      • That the area assume any fees associated with the online contribution.
  • Need to establish and document the desk procedures for how this would work.
  • A final proposal would be brought back to the area detailing costs and process.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Finance Committee (Jeannie S, Diane R, Cathy P, Deb D and Bill W)