Jan – Apr 2018


5th Tradition Group: January 1st; Gina, 13 years
New Living Sober (Wurts Street): January 6th, 22nd anniversary mtg, 6pm food/dessert, meeting 7:30pm
Mid Day Live: January 6th; Bo, 17 years
Kingston Originals: January 28; Ted, 5 years; Artre, 12 yrs; Lori K., 29 yrs
Just for Today: Jan. 30th; Elizabeth, 7 years; Linda, 30 years; Sally, 30 years
Came to Believe Group 5th Anniversary: Jan. 27th; food @ 1pm, mtg @ 2pm;
Katsbaan Big Book Group: January 31st; Frank, 23 years


Came to Believe Group: February 3rd, Saturday; Baseball Ray, 9 years, at 2pm, Holy Cross, Kingston, NY
5th Tradition Group: February 26th; Kevin, 29 years
Hand of AA Group: February 27th ; Eric 3 years
Woodstock Group: February 28th; Keith D., 25 years

MARCH 2018:

Home Free Group Olivebridge: March 2nd (postponed); Maryellen, 6 yrs; Jim, 16 yrs; Steve C., 17 yrs
5th Tradition Group: March 5th; Dennis, 25 years; Joyce Marie, 33 years
Came to Believe Group: March 10th; Erika B, 1 year; March 31st; Greg G., 8 years
New Living Sober (Wurts St): March 17; Dan, 13 years
REBOS Group: March 19; Tara C., 23 years
KYP Group: March 22nd; Liz, 9 years; Pat, 16 years
Saturday Night Live Group, 35 Year Celebration: March 24; 6:30pm food, 8pm meeting
Prodigal Sons: March 25th; Farrell, 36 years
Sobriety First Group: March 27th; Lou L., 5 years
Just for Today: March 27th; Elizabeth, 9 years; Michael, 9 years;
Woodstock Group: March 28th; Tara C., 13 years; John C., 13 years; Shira, 26 years; Ralph, 37 years
Home Free Group: March 30; Moses, 36 years; Jack, 31 years; Hal, 2 years
Morning After: March 31; Dan S., 19 years; Barbara, 30 years; Roger, 32 years; Nancy P., 32 years
If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes: March 31; Cliff B

APRIL 2018

Kingston Originals: April 1st; John; 90 days
5th Tradition: April 7; Tonee, 1 year
New Living Sober: (Wurts St): April 7; Paul, 7 years
Main Connection: April 13; Jeff, 1 year
Came To Believe: 2pm Saturday, April 21; Deb C., 11 years;
Came To Believe: 2pm Saturday, April 28; Bob E., 15 years
Just For Today: April 24; Tanya, 5 years; Celia, 32 years
Woodstock Group: April 25; Ralph, 37 years, Marina 42 years
Primary Purpose Group: April 26; 11th Anniversary Meeting, dinner at 6:30pm, meeting at 7:30pm
Home Free Group: April 27; Karen, 14 years
Saturday Night Live Group: April 28; George B, 28 years
Prodigal Sons Group: April 29; Dave, 11 years; J.R., 19 years; Pete N., 30 years
Fresh Start Group: April 30; Peter K., 10 years
Palenville Step Group: April 30; James, 4 years; Frank, 44 years

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