Get involved carrying the message of Alcoholics anonymous by helping with a service committee like treatment, corrections, public information. there is much 12th-step service work to be done, it’s fun, and vital to long-term sobriety.

District 7 business meeting meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month
7 p.m. at the Christ the King Church, 3021 Route 2021, Stone Ridge, NY

District 15 Business Meeting meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month
7 p.m. at the Redeemer Lutheran Church, 90 Route 32, New Paltz, NY

District 16 Business Meeting meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month
7 p.m. at Reservoir United Methodist Church, 3056 Route 28, Shokan, NY

District 7 Contacts:

DCM: Ted W.
Alternate DCM: Morgan S.
Secretary:  Ethan
Treasurer:  Mike C.:
Answering Service:  Taylor W.
Bridging the Gap/ BTG:  Shana F.
Corrections:  OPEN
Literature:  Mike C.
Grapevine:  Guy C.
Treatment:  Elizabeth G.:
Functions:  OPEN
Records:  Andrea G.
Accessibility: Pat D.
Newsletter:  OPEN
Web Liaison:   OPEN

District 15 Contacts:

DCM:   Glenn
Secretary:    Tom F.
Treasurer:   Cathy
Archives:  John O.
Answering Service:  Staci/Geri
Bridging the Gap:   OPEN
Corrections:  Metzi/Greg
Literature/Grapevine:   Fred
Treatment:   Gabby
Records:   Jill D.
Accessibilities:   Stephany K.
Web Liaison:    OPEN
Newsletter:   Bill M.

District 16 Contacts 2020-2021:

DCM:  Allen V.
Alternate DCM:  Thea H-B.
Secretary/Records:  Tara C.
Treasurer:   Bill B.
Answering Service:   Ryan O.
Newsletter:  OPEN
Web Liaison:  OPEN
Treatment &
Accessibility:   OPEN
Bridging the Gap (BTG) & Corrections:  OPEN
Functions:   OPEN
Cooperating with the Professional Community (CPC):  OPEN
Public Information:  Marcy
Grapevine & Literature:   Bill W.