COVID-19 Meeting Closures & Relocations & Online Meetings

Many meetings have gone virtual, meaning you can call-in or video conference into the meeting at its usual time. Visit the Area 48 Online meeting web page for the most current information.

Need more meetings? Click here for Online Meetings Throughout NYS

If all else fails, PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL SOMEONE! A.A. Hotline can also connect you to a fellow A.A. member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 845-331-6360. This service is supported by your  homegroup contributions to Districts 7, 15 and 16.

FOR GROUPS: If you are looking to migrate your home group meeting online, check out this How-To from AA-NYS Intergroup. There is also a YouTube video Zoom Best Practices, Third Legacy Voting and How to Start a Meeting Online On Zoom.”  You can also find information on setting up “Digital Baskets” for collection 7th Tradition contributions here.


As the State of New York has banned gatherings of 5 or more people, the majority of public spaces, community centers, and churches are closed, along with the A.A. meetings that meet there. If you need a face-to-face meeting, pick up the phone and invite someone to an outdoor walk-n-talk with a sponsor, sponsee, old-timer or newcomer (observing social distance of 6 feet or more, of course). There is always reading A.A. literature out loud to your dog in the woods.


FRIDAY 8:30p Helping Hand, St. James UMC, 35 Pearl St, Kingston, NY 12401
SATURDAY 5:00p  Nuestra Solucion, Hudson Valley LGBTQ Ctr., 300 Wall St., 2nd fl., Kingston, 12401


  • Post a “CLOSED” sign on the door of your meeting room or building; direct them to updated information via the website and A.A. Hotline (845) 331-6360
  • Ask two group members to sit outside the meeting building to meet any newcomers who stop by. They can have a meeting between themselves and be there for the still suffering alcoholic finding a way into A.A.
  • Call the newcomer who has been to your group.
  • Check up on older A.A. group members.

    Groups holding meetings are encouraged to use common sense. A.A.’s General Service Office issued this statement (3/9/2020).  Additionally, suggestions from groups conducting meetings include:
    • If you are sick or suspect you have been in contact with a sick person, STAY HOME!
    • No hugging or handshakes when greeting others.
    • Wipe down chairs and tables before and after the meeting with appropriate cleaners
    • Provide hand sanitizer at front door or at head table.
    • Stop offering food at meetings
    • Bring your own coffee mug.
    • Suspend hand-holding at end of meeting.

This page contains links to online and teleconference meetings that have been setup by groups with the HMB Area 48. The use of such does not imply endorsement of any particular application or online software by Alcoholics Anonymous, HMB Area 48, or Districts 7, 15 and 16. Please use at your own risk and discretion.