District 7 October Meeting Minutes

Minutes of District 7 Meeting –   October 14th 2020

Open with Serenity Prayer


DCM Report: Upcoming Events are listed on the www.aahmbny.org under the events tab

  • 10/17: Area 48 Voting Assembly 9:30-3:30pm with a breakout room about the Traditions.  The area is looking for a spiritual bouncer for the entire event and will bring this up at new business.

  • 10/30-10/31: Area 48: 70th Annual Convention register at www.aahmbny.org to register for zoom link.

  • 10/31: District 3 Halloween Dance

  • New Positions being taken over for District 7

  • Review the Proposals for Voting Assembly: go over in depth for our district’s group conscience.https://aahmbny.org/proposals-for-fall-assembly-proposed-2021-budget/

Secretary’s Report: Accepted as written.  If you have any questions or corrections email them to district7secretary@aahmbny.org

Treasurer’s Report: See Attached Report. Here’s the District PayPal link in case anyone would like to make a contribution:  paypal.me/HMBDistrict7

Accessibility Report: The future of AA with Hybrid Meetings (Zoom and In-person meetings running at the same time).  How to be self-supporting with this new technology hardware?  How are we accessing the Blind and Deaf Communities and how technology is helping with that? Please update anything with Accessibilities for your changes in your groups meeting with the change form for our Area https://aahmbny.org/new-group-form-group-change-form/

GSR Reports:

Martha – The Saturday Morning After: Nothing to report- status quo, staying with the Zoom format.

MaryJo – Serenity at the Center: Full attendance, strong membership- staying on Zoom, it is helping those who have relocated to stay together with the group.

Becky – High Falls Woman’s Meeting: Nothing new, staying on Zoom.  Our Business meeting is next week, and will have more to report then. They have modified their zoom meeting to encourage people to come early to hang out by opening their meeting 15 minutes before and after to encourage fellowshipping.

Marie – Just for Today: In person meetings are doing really well, lots of newcomers, they are enjoying being outdoors as a group.

Sharon – Primary Purpose Group: Meets on Tuesday Nights at 7pm in person at 90 Millers Lane in Kingston.  It is a Big Book Meeting and a Foundations Meeting for steps 1-3 for newcomers

Sharon – Also representing The Kingston Woman’s Group: Doing a Hybrid of in person at St. James and on Zoom at the same time.  Membership is about the same.  Also registered the new meeting with the Area Registrar.

Shawn – Kingston Originals: Upstairs at Church of the Comforter.  Bring your own chair, social distancing, masks and contact tracing by the greeter.  Everyone has been cooperative.

Scott – Sunrisers: 7am daily full zoom.  Had our business meeting last Saturday where they discussed how they could possibly go back inside of the church and how to follow the church’s rules.  Have not made a decision yet, at this point they will continue with Zoom. They are getting about 30 people a day.

Tracy – New Living Sober: sending half of their treasury to GSO.

Grapevine Report: attended a Grapevine meeting put on by GSO where people all over the country attend.  It meets the second Tuesday of every month. Go to the following link for more information: https://aahmbny.org/grapevine-story-hour-2/

OLD BUSINESS:  Discussion about the Kingston Mayor’s Office to potentially use a municipal building to host AA meetings. Becky confirmed that she would do more research on this.

NEW BUSINESS: We now have two new members to step into service positions at District 7: Celia for Bridging the Gap and Shawn for Alternate DCM.

Voting for District’s Group Conscience for the Upcoming Area Voting Assembly:

Proposal One: Not to print the books at this time but a trifold meeting sheet instead-PASSED

Proposal Two: Prudent Reserve Formula for the Area-PASSED

Proposal Three: Adding a Virtual District Area 48- Discussion that came up with this proposal: Do you need a physical address to be a part of GSO? You can Register with GSO and they will give you a group number: all they need is a contact person. Vote: (6) Yes-(3)Opposed-(2)Obstained

Motion to extend meeting to 8:15pm

Proposal Four:Revise Area Service Manual-PASSED

Proposal Five: Separate the the service positions Area Chair and Alternate Delegate-PASSED

Meeting closed at 8:20 PM with Responsibility Pledge

Attached Documents:

  • Area 48 October Newsletter

  • Area 48 Fall Voting Assembly Minutes

  • September 2020 Treasurer’s Report

  • 2021 Area 48 Events Calendar


District 7 November Business Meeting (2nd Wednesday of the month): November 11th, 2020 07:00 PM EST. Email district7secretary@aahmbny.org for login information.

In love & service, Eileen H., District 7 Secretary

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