Area Request to Verify Your Group’s Online Meeting Info

If you are a GSR or contact for a group currently meeting online, please read this request from Area 48 Registrar Gretchen E.:
Greetings fellow trusted servants! We applaud Groups for moving their meetings to online format, and are pleased to have an Area website directory of 175 meetings online. Hosting meetings open to all AAers is a terrific demonstration of your commitment to our primary purpose of carrying the message.
Since Zoom changed its protocols last week, some Online Meeting links posted on the Area website are no longer functional. Please check your Zoom link on the Area website. If your link is not working without a password prompt (or is not functional at all), please share this information with your Group and then take the action outlined in the steps set forth below.
In keeping with our commitment to our primary purpose to carry the message, all online meetings that are not open to all AAers will be removed from the Online Meeting listing by May 2nd. Please reach out to me, your Area 48 Registrar, at if you have any questions or if we can help troubleshoot the Zoom system with you. Please do not contact the Area webmaster. Thank you!
In fellowship and service,
Gretchen E.
Area 48 Registrar
Steps to check your Zoom link on the Area 48 Online Meetings listing:
Step 1 – Go to the Area 48 website then the Online Meetings listing and then lookup your meeting. Click the “Zoom” link to test the functionality.



Step 2 – Does the Zoom link bring you directly to the meeting without a password prompt?
If yes, then you are all set. No further action is needed. Thank you!
If no, please continue to Step 3.

Step 3 – Do you want to keep the password on your Zoom meeting?
If yes, then please provide your Group name, meeting location, and the Zoom meeting invitation to your District Records Keeper (if you have one) or to the Area Registrar who will update the website so that your meeting can remain open and accessible. Note: Zoom passwords must be embedded in the link, or published on the website, or both (preferred). Please indicate your preference when providing this information.  Or fill out this form:   Thank you!
If no, please continue to Step 4.

Step 4 – Do you want to remove the password on your Zoom meeting?
If yes, then please have your Zoom host remove the password from the Zoom meeting. The Area has posted a Zoom Meeting & APP Tutorial to help you with this step. Please recheck your Zoom link on the website after you have updated your Zoom meeting to ensure it is working.
If no, please send me an email (, and we’ll take you off the list of online meetings on the website.

Thank you!

Yours in Service,

Gretchen E., Area 48 Registrar

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