AA Answering Service: Hotline Support Needed

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Did you know that the Ulster County AA Hotline averages over 60 calls a month? But who talks to those people calling for help and more information about A.A. in our area? Nearly 60 men and women, currently sober A.A. members with a year or more of sobriety, comprise the Ulster County Answering Service team.

  • These volunteers work with Family of Woodstock who screens incoming calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Find out how to volunteer below.)
  • When a call comes into the A.A. hotline number, Family answers the call “A.A. Answering Service, may I help you?”
  • If the person is looking for a meeting, Family assists them in finding one by referring to the current meeting list we provide to Family. This meeting list is often mailed directly to the caller as well.
  • If the caller wants to speak with someone in A.A., Family takes the caller’s name & phone number and explains an A.A. volunteer will call the person back shortly. (Family does not give out volunteer information or phone number to the caller. You can also block your number prior to callback.)
  • Family then calls the A.A. volunteer next on the list – preferably one nearby the caller – and passes off the caller information to the A.A. Answering Service team member. On average, A.A. volunteers receive two calls per month.
  • The A.A. volunteer then calls the person back and answers questions about A.A., how getting sober works with our Program of Recovery, what A.A. is, and what A.A. is not. They also listen and share their experience, strength, and hope.

Are you interested in volunteering for the Answering Service team of men and women who carry the message of hope and recovery? It’s a relatively low-impact way to help with 12th Step work by carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous. Contact Ryan or Mike, District 16 and District 7 Answering Service chairs, to get started.

Requirements for AA Answering Service team members:

  • currently sober A.A. members with a year or more of sobriety
  • willingness to take calls
  • willingness to coordinate getting a newcomer to their first meeting
  • have a home or cell phone number
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