2020 September Minutes: District 7

September 9th 2020 – Minutes of District 7 Meeting

Open with Serenity Prayer


DCM Report: The Area HMB Convention (has a new date!) October 30 & 31. Please register online to get log-on information at https://aahmbny.org/2020-convention/  They are looking for volunteers to help you can enter that in the registration form or contact the new webmaster for the Area, Matt at webmaster@aahmbny.org.

Would like to vote tonight about if we want to print the area books or not? During this COVID time? What would be accurate?  Something to consider because it will most likely be added to the agenda to the October 17 Voting Assembly.


New Business Teaser: The Kingston Mayor may be offering a municipal building to offer (4) AA Meetings a week.  The groups would need liability insurance.  All of this is theoretical, more will be revealed.

Things to note:

Alt-DCM Report: would like to step down as Alt-DCM, will not be able to travel in the future and wanted to give the District notice at this time so someone can assist Shane immediately.  Thank you Mary for your service to our District.

Secretary’s Report: Accepted as written.  If you have any questions or corrections email them to district7secretary@aahmbny.org

Treasurer’s Report: See Attached. Nothing new to report no actions or donations taken or given out this month.

Corrections Report: Corrections Workshop September 24th 6:30 to 8pm, it is an on-line forum (not on zoom) hosted on Web-ex, log-on information is listed on the aahmbny.org website.  Hoping it will be a good event.  Head of volunteer services will be there and other prison volunteers as well as Carl the Area Corrections chair and Ted is volunteering for one of the slots.

Grapevine: Nothing much to report, but contacted the Area’s Grapevine Chair Delores.

Accessibility Report: In-person meetings are opening up: High-Noon in Kingston at the St. James Church, KYP is doing a hy-brid meeting at the Samadi Center.  Interested in how accessibilities can work on the new space that is being offered in Kingston?

Bridging the Gap: Open position

Answering Service: Not in attendance

Public Information (PI) Report: Not in attendance

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC): Not is attendance

Functions: Not in Attendance

Newsletter/Web: Open Position

Records: Open Position

Treatment: Not in Attendance

GSR Reports:

Lorraine – Kingston Originals: Meeting outside in the parking lot on Sundays at 7pm.  Attendance is good.  Starting October 4th we can start going inside, the meeting will be upstairs in the open hall, there are currently questions about bringing your own chairs and coffee. Mike C and Melissa are celebrating at the end of the month.  Will be having a group conscience this Sunday about how they will be moving forward.  Friday night meetings are still on zoom.

Martha – Saturday Morning After: Just had a business meeting: remaining on zoom, have good attendance.  Pam is celebrating 19 years at the end of the month.

Marie – Just for Today: Continuing on zoom at 7:30pm with our speaker meeting and it is running smoothly.  In-person meetings are outside at the church at 6pm, it is a beginner’s meeting format (Hell in the Hallway- or under the tent!) Masks, social distancing, contact tracing, BYOB coffee and chairs and attendance there has been good as well (22-25 people). Business meetings are continuing on zoom to keep the two meetings together.

Kurt – Young and Young at Heart: Meeting on zoom at 8pm, accepting donations through the mail to our treasurer.  We are also having an in-person Living Sober meeting at 6pm at the church.  Also got a new zoom id through the NYC Intergroup for our zoom meeting.

Becky – High Falls Women’s Meeting: Meeting at 7pm virtually.  Communicating with the church about the transition to come back.

Kim – Sunrisers:  going strong, still on zoom.  There is an un-official break out group that is meeting informally in the garden of the church and logging on to zoom.  They were unofficial and then got permission from the church to be on the grounds.  The church currently has no space for this group to come inside when it starts to get cold outside.  This has been good for people who need the human to human contact outside of the internet world.


  • Fall Assembly Break-Out Room: Discussion of what needs to be done for the break-out room for the Fall Voting assembly on Saturday October 17th.  Need  a host, spiritual bouncers, 3 speakers.  Suggestions about how to fulfill the commitments? Maybe have a mini-meeting in between the district meeting?

  • Kingston Mayor Plan: Can anyone follow up with Guy about the progress of this? Becky volunteered to reach out to Guy about this and will report back to us.

  • Needed a new Alt-DCM: have everyone reach out to their meetings to help get this position filled.

  • Bridging the Gap: Had someone reach out that is getting out of a prison facility in October to get them connected to meetings in Kingston.  Ted volunteered to help with this newcomer.

  • AAHMBNY Meeting Change Form: https://aahmbny.org/new-group-form-group-change-form/

Please keep the area up to date about any changes you are having to your groups.  District 16 has been helping our district import all of our changes information.  We still really need a Record Chair for our district.  Requirements for that position is 2 year of sobriety or that the district would be willing to talk about it if a fellow was really interested in the position.

Meeting closed at 8 PM with Responsibility Pledge

Attached Documents:

  1. August Treasurer’s Report
  2. Area 48 SeptemberNewsletter (a treasure trove of information!)
  3. The Fall Assembly (10/17- THIS SATURDAY) Agenda and Log on Info


Our next District 7 Business Meeting (2nd Wednesday of the month)

Time: Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

In love & service, Eileen H., District 7 Secretary

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