2020 August Minutes: District 7

Minutes of District 7 Meeting – 8/13/2020

Open with Serenity Prayer


DCM Report: Not in Attendance

Alt-DCM Report: Nothing new to report

Corrections Report: Area 48 will be putting on a corrections workshop on September 24th, 6:30pm-8pm (see attached Area 48-August Newsletter for flyer and details) It will be held virtually: go to the aahmbny.org website, under events to join the link to this event.  Kathy Durand who is the regional volunteer DOC coordinator will be participating.

Was notified that Corrections Chairs  were able to get literature into all but 5 State Facilities recently.  No in person meetings at this time, but family members and visitors are now allowed into the facilities, so maybe bringing meetings will start to happen soon.

Secretary’s Report: Accepted as written.  If you have any questions or corrections email them to district7secretary@aahmbny.org

Treasurer’s Report: See Attached.

Accessibility Report: hearing about more face to face meetings opening up

Alt-Area Chair: here to hear how the group conscience goes for the topic of the breakout room for the October Voting Assembly is also the functions chair for the Area.

News to report from the Area:

  • Prodigal Sons is donating Spanish Literature to the Ulster County Jail it was approved to be sent in

  • All events for the rest of the year will be held virtually

  • Our Area Convention date has been moved to OCt 30 and 31 (see attached Area 48-August Newsletter for flyer) GSO is holding their NERF (North Eastern Regional Forum) to the first weekend in November when we were going to have our Area Convention.

  • Tha Ad-hoc Committee for the Thanksgiving event has decided not to have it in person.  Thinking about possibly having a virtual event that day instead and would like to have a speaker from each of the districts (7, 15 & 16) to participate.  Looking for help for making this happen.

  • Benedictine is closed to outside groups, in terms of our holiday Alka-thons hopefully we can host virtual Speaker Jams instead.

GSR Reports:

Ted – Kingston Originals: decided to start outside meetings on Sundays at 7pm instead of at 7:30pm.  It is bring your own chairs and coffee.  Committed to being safe and they are not doing their Friday meeting in person that will still be on Zoom at 7:30pm.

Tracy –  request from the Alt Area Chair that the Answering Service is in desperate need of Spanish speaking members to volunteer.

Mary – Alt DCM-  wanted to report that she had tried to enter several zoom meetings that previous week and no one was in them.  If your group is changing any information please use the area change form: https://aahmbny.org/new-group-form-group-change-form/

Marie – Just for Today: continuing with our Zoom meeting, attendance is good, started using the free NYC Intergroup Zoom Account and updated all of the information on the aahmbny.org website.  We have decided to announce that our 7th Tradition be mailed to our Treasurer’s house.  Still waiting to hear from the church about when we can do in person meetings.  We plan to have a 6pm in person meeting and still have the 730 meeting on Zoom.

Martha – Saturday Morning After: Staying on Zoom.  Had a question: will in person meetings do contract tracing?  Other GSRs shared that their groups are: some say it’s voluntary and others have been required to do so by their landlords and if the landlords set the requirements then it keeps AA out of the controversy. In terms of contract tracing you do not have to say you are an AA group, but instead a book club, etc.

Kim – Sunrisers: is also using the free zoom hosting provided by NYC Intergroup and wants to know how to change information on the aahmbny.org website (see link in above Alt DCM report)

MaryJo – Serenity at the Center: happy to be here- group is continuing on zoom and fellowshiping on zoom afterwards.  The group has discussed meeting in person but for now will continue on zoom.

Clara – Sobriety First Kingston: meeting is not meeting at all since the shutdown.  Feeling disconnected, looking for opportunities to do service and to stay connected.

OLD BUSINESS:  We had to vote on the topic for the breakout room session that our District was hosting for the Fall Voting Assembly in October (see flyer in attached Area 48 August Newsletter). Our functions chair came up with the three following topics:

1.  “Your Connection is Unstable”: Staying Connected in a Virtual World

(4) Person Panel Discussion: Hitting 90 Days in Quarantine, Making Meetings, Prayer and Spiritual Connection, Sponsorship

 2. “Lessons Learned”:A Panel Discussion on Using the Traditions Today

(3) Person Panel: Using the Past as a Tool (1,2,3, Washingtonians, Rule 62 etc.), Sticking to our Primary Purpose and Refraining from Outside Issues (5&10),Adapting to Now (4,5,6,11,12)

3. “Practicing Principles in ALL of our Affairs”: A Panel Discussion on a Program for Life

(3) Person Panel: Steps (12 Spiritual Principles), Traditions (12 Spiritual Principles), Concepts (18 Spiritual Principles)

There was some fun lively debate about these great topics and the group unanimously agreed on Topic Number 2!

Meeting closed at 7:40 PM with Responsibility Pledge

Attached Documents:

  • Letter from GSO

  • Area 48 August Newsletter

  • Upcoming Area Events and a note from our Area Chair

  • Treasurer’s Report


Our next District 7 Business Meeting (2nd Wednesday of the month):  September 9th, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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