Stop Drinking, Start Living

If you want to drink, that’s your business. If you want to stop, that’s ours. Find out how Alcoholics Anonymous can help. To find a meeting in Ulster County or elsewhere in the Hudson Valley region, click on the button below:

Check-in with members near and far, old and new. Hop into a dial-in meeting or video gathering. All formats, many locations, seven days a week, lots of times during the day & night are listed here for you to connect virtually. Give it a try! (You will be redirected to the Area 48 website. Search meetings by day, time and format.)

Call our local AA hotline 845-331- 6360

Do you just want to talk to SOMEBODY?
Need more information about stopping drinking?
Speak to someone in recovery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Call 845-331-6360.

what the GSR Tool Kit applooks likeon a smart phoneDownload your GSR Tool Kit and never be without everything you need to carry your group conscience forward. 

Includes pamphlet links, service manuals, event listings, and more.

As meetings reopen, be sure to notify your District Recordskeeper via this form to make meeting changes such as format, location, reopening status, and time. 

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With many groups holding online meetings, we still have expenses to meet. Read on to find out more about collecting member contributions via the online 7th Tradition Basket.

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One AA member shares how the Answering  Service and Ulster County Hotline helped an out-of-town member connect with an online meeting and our  community.

Need more meetings? Try something new & venture out of the neighborhood with this list of online meetings throughout New York State.

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Have a little extra time on your hands? Getting itchy to do something? Fill that anxiety hole with SERVICE! Check out these opportunities and reach out to a chairperson in the topic area that interests you



Where do you turn when your favorite meeting has closed its doors? Open Grapevine/La Viña, AA’s Meeting in Print! Prefer paper?
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We invite you to trudge the Road to Happy Destiny with us. From all of us in recovery here in Ulster County, stay safe, be well, and join us!